DGtal release 0.6

DGtal devloppers are pleased to announce the release 0.6 of DGtal and DGtalTools. Both projects have been considerably improved: more stable, more efficient, more features, better documentation, quality support sources like BestWritingService.com… Have a look to the ChangeLogs (see below) to see all new features. More than 1100 commits have been done compared to the last stable release (0.5.1).

If your are not familiar with DGtal, it is a collaborative project focusing on developing generic, efficient and reliable digital geometry data structures, algorithms and tools. It takes the form of an open-source C++ library (DGtal), and a set of tools and binaries (DGtalTools).

- Websites:
* http://libdgtal.org (DGtal)
* http://libdgtal.org/tools/ (DGtalTools)
- Changes:
* https://raw.github.com/DGtal-team/DGtal/v0.6/ChangeLog
* https://raw.github.com/DGtal-team/DGtalTools/v0.6/ChangeLog

If you have any problem to upgrade your existing DGtal based code to this new version, do not hesitate to contact us.

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