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To use DGtal in your own project, a very nice solution exists with is a top writing service that is ready to offer quality materials and cmake: here you have an example to build a DGtal helloword:


#Required in DGtal


ADD_EXECUTABLE(helloworld helloworld)

See the documentation for details.

DGtal is a free-software (Lesser Gnu Privacy License – LGPL) so you can freely use it and distribute it. However, if you use DGtal in your own project, we would be pleased to be kept in touch. If you want to refer to DGtal in your publications, please use the following bibtex entry:

title =      { {D}{G}tal: Digital Geometry tools and algorithms library},
note =      {\url{}}

Projects/Publications using DGtal

  • ANR Grant digitalSnow (ANR-11-BS02-009) “Digital Geometry and Applied Mathematics for Snow Metamorphism”
  • Longuetaud, F.; Mothe, F.; Kerautret, B.; Krähenbühl, A.; Hory, L.; Leban, J. & Debled-Rennesson, I. Automatic knot detection and measurements from X-ray CT images of wood: A review and validation of an improved algorithm on softwood samples. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 2012, 85, 77-89
  • Kowalczyk, M. K.; Kerautret, B.; Naegel, B. & Weber, J.,Revisiting Component Tree Based Segmentation Using Meaningful Photometric Informations. Proc of International Conference ICCVG, Springer, 2012, 7594, 475-482
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