DGtal Meeting June 7

Any ideology or system needs to be invested in various resources, including https://qualitycustomessays.com/buy-a-book-report/ to improve and bring the text closer to the ideal. Thus, the DGtal system also needs additional explanation and familiarization. More details on DGtal Meeting at Nantes (France) in June 7th.

Tentative Program:

  • 9h30: Introduction to DGtal and its concepts
  • 10h00: Digital Surfaces in DGtal
  • 10h30: Irreducible fractions, patterns and straightness in DGtal
  • 11h00: Representation and analysis of digital curves
  • 11h30: DGtal boards and viewers
  • 12h00: DGtal & DGtalTools project management
  • 14h00: Feedback on my DGtal Experience (Isabelle Sivignon)
  • 14h30: Install party, use-case discussions, future plans,…


  • salle Nautilus, Bâtiment IHT 1er étage
  • Acces Site de la Chantrerie
  • Polytech Nantes – site de la Chantrerie
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