• Last stable DGtal release: DGtal-0.5.1-Source.tar.gz
  • All releases
  • Alternatively, you can use DGtal github project download

Development version

  • Read-only git access (development branch):
    git clone git://
  • You can also browse the source.
  • If you want a full access to the git (read+write), please contact us.


  • cmake to generate the project and compile the library (>=2.6)
  • boost (>= 1.42)

Optional dependencies:

  • Gnu Multiprecision Arithmetic Library (GMP) (arbitrarily large integers)
  • libQGLViewer interactive viewer of 3D objects (see “stream 3D” in the documentation), libQGLViewer would require to have OpenGL and QT4 installed on your system.
  • COIN3D and SOQT for OpenInventor 3D visualisation (would also require Qt).
  • InsightToolkit (ITK) to merge ITK pipelines in DGtal via the image container.
  • GraphicsMagick (to be able to load various image file formats)
  • doxygen (to generate the source code documentation)
  • C++ compiler with cpp0x instructions (gcc >= 4.4, Visual C++ 2010, …)

How to build the library

See also the dedicated page in the DGtal documentation.

  • Linux (command line)
    • get the code -> DGtal/
    • mkdir build ; cd build ; cmake .. ; make
    • if you wish, you can “install” the library in your system:
       sudo make install
  • Windows
    • use cmake-gui to generate the VS project for instance
    • open the DGtal project and compile with Visual Studio
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